Arun David
Arun David

Arun David is an energetic & successful industrialist based in Kerala. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Calicut University in 1998 and MBA with specialization in Marketing & Systems from Bharathiar University in 2001. He is the son of late C.P. David, a well known businessman from Chembakottukudiyil, an ancient Christian Jacobite family from Kothamangalam. Arun always has strong insights as regards to the opportunities that subsist within the market and has an extremely good understanding of his strategies and plan of actions that help him succeed in all his ventures. He believes that any business that improves the socio economic conditions and welfare of the community will only prosper. He ensures that each and every segment of his business is environmental friendly and eco efficient ultimately enhancing the well being of all humans.

Arun David married Beth Joyson of Pulikkottil family in 2005 and has 2 children.  He started his schooling in Sobhana English Medium School, Kothamangalam till the 7th Grade and continued his studies in St.Peters English Medium School, Kolencherry. He completed his Pre-Degree from Christ College, Irinjalakuda and then joined Prajyoti Niketan Arts and Science College, Pudukkad, Trichur where he completed his Graduation in Computer Sceince.  Arun was elected as the University Union Councillor in 1997. The very next year he became the Vice Chairman of Calicut University Union led by the Left Democratic Students Front.  Later on, in 1999, he joined PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore for his Master’s in Business Administration.

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