Mining of minerals and other substances for nature, for the better living conditions for man, is a process that has been happening for millions of years. From construction of buildings to making of ornaments, man would have excavated the earth far inside way before the Stone Age itself. As time passed and population rose, the need for substances that mother earth has been providing us, increased rapidly. As the need rose, the harm done to the nature grew day by day.

India, being a country rich in its mineral storage, is experiencing high rate of mining related works. Most of these processes are done by heavily destructing the environment and eco systems. Deforestation, flood and other calamities happen due to this time by time but all these nature hazardous mining processes are still going on without any interventions or prohibitions from the government level. One of the most important mining processes among them is of granite. While mining for this igneous rock, the pollution and harm done is very higher. Even the method used to mine out these rocky substance and cutting it most of the times are completely wrong too. People should be aware of the method to mine out this mineral without any harm being done to the ecology.

People use the permits for mining that are given to them as their license to do whatever they want. By destroying the entire eco systems people even mine in the ecologically sensitive areas. Ecologically sensitive areas are such places where the ecology is so sensitive that it might not be able to withstand any types of mining or building works in the area. Even though many reports and studies proves this, the government still acts as a blind folded person when t comes to take action against these problems.

The government should take these issues seriously by implementing new laws prohibiting the unwanted mining process that is harming our nature. And they should also keep a keen eye on the matter to check if the law is being correctly followed. Only a more environmentally sustainable mining process can develop and integrate the practices and reduce the environmental impact of mining operations.

A sustainable development is most commonly defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We have to save for our generations to come only by that will they get to enjoy these nature gifts as we do.

Arun David