Many countries around the world are building startup communities to enhance entrepreneurship. These startups which are put up with more job opportunities and innovations are also targeted to bring out the ideas and thoughts of the youth of their country. And this factor attracts the young generation to be a part of these highly advanced working platforms.

The youth of a country, with their entire life ahead of them, can contribute to great extends in fulfilling the required needs. With varied ideas and methods they can also lead a successful path for others to follow in the future too.

Every startup community’s success stories are written by a group of young innovators, who are also ready to take any risky projects given to them. Even if they come from different walks of life, with varied experiences and knowledge, they can contribute to the works with enthusiasm and desire to learn more.

Nowadays we can also see many success stories of under 20 young adults around the globe, who have become billionaires with their hard work and self determination. These youngsters have grown into the communities they are a part of into something unique.

Startups are not only just a group of people churning out new ideas, but it is also an institution that gives a platform for young people to transform their ideas into reality. The great ecosystems which the startups give focusing on their employees are also making the youth to choose their work here.

While in India, more than five hundred thousand engineers are graduating every year, in which only 20 percent are readily employable. In order to equip more youngsters in India with the best programming and technology knowledge, and to access to many students and future entrepreneurs, startups in the country is conducting programs among college students to find out the gems among them.

And these startups also provide great chance for their employees to visit the other well versed startups around the world, so that they can enhance their knowledge and passion by working with the tech giants and so.

The Startup has instilled confidence among youngsters to take up entrepreneurship and become job creators. The world is fast embracing the Startup culture, and Indians are also not far behind.

Arun David