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“The thriving Real estate Business in Kochi…” – Arun David

Real estate business is experiencing an outstanding growth in recent times in Kerala, especially in Kochi. Even though this business was down for some time it has gained the pride back, and it is mostly because of the residential projects like flats and apartments in Kochi are being as a striking factor in the growth [...]

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“Granite mining: In a sustainable way” – Arun David

Mining of minerals and other substances for nature, for the better living conditions for man, is a process that has been happening for millions of years. From construction of buildings to making of ornaments, man would have excavated the earth far inside way before the Stone Age itself. As time passed and population rose, the [...]

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“Team play is Leadership” – Arun David

Leadership according to me is a developmental pattern by which a person influences others to achieve an objective and directs the organization or a group in a way that makes it more logical and organized.  If you have the desire and will power, you can become an effective leader. While keeping in mind the goals, [...]

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“Start ups and youth” – Arun David

Many countries around the world are building startup communities to enhance entrepreneurship. These startups which are put up with more job opportunities and innovations are also targeted to bring out the ideas and thoughts of the youth of their country. And this factor attracts the young generation to be a part of these highly advanced [...]

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“Fashion Industry in India: Challenges from the West” – Arun David

The world fashion industry has been revolving around New York, Milan and Paris as its main centers. Even though many designers from across the globe have succeeded in getting a certain level of attention at fashion weeks conducted yearly at these fashion hotspots, the monopoly of rich fashion still remains in the hands of the [...]

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“Organic farming: the new face of farming” – Arun David

  Organic farming is type of agriculture which is completely healthy and eco- friendly. By techniques like crop rotation, green manure, compost, and biological pest control, this type of agriculture proves to be an apt example for pesticide free agriculture with zero environmental damage. Organic farming is also a very good business. To make a [...]

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