Leadership according to me is a developmental pattern by which a person influences others to achieve an objective and directs the organization or a group in a way that makes it more logical and organized.  If you have the desire and will power, you can become an effective leader. While keeping in mind the goals, a good leader can break it down into convenient processes and make progress towards it. Good leaders constantly work and study to improve their leadership skills rather than resting on their success. A good leader is capable of motivating and inspiring the people around him to voluntarily & spontaneously commit towards accomplishing a certain goal.

An efficient leader is an influential person who is followed by the others and who has got lot of power to move his team and followers.  He can influence a group of individuals or a team to achieve a common goal. Leaders get things effectively by applying their leadership quality and through their experiential process leadership. A true leader will surely possess certain traits that can influence the actions of a whole team. Though hard to believe, it is a fact that leaders are made, not born. A good leader develops through a sequence of self improving processes beginning with self actualization, followed by education, training and experience which are acquired through continuous work and learning.

In order to set goals and direct a group, a leader should appear and present him with poise so that he instills confidence in others and brings out the confidence and trust and also the best efforts of the team to complete their work well. It is easy to get carried away with the power of a position or status, but a true and efficient leader uses his power rightly and efficiently for the betterment and welfare of his fellow beings rather than for personal progress and advancement.

Arun David