Real estate business is experiencing an outstanding growth in recent times in Kerala, especially in Kochi. Even though this business was down for some time it has gained the pride back, and it is mostly because of the residential projects like flats and apartments in Kochi are being as a striking factor in the growth of this city.

Real estate business in Kochi is very well known for selling, buying, and rental of houses, apartments, villas, flats, properties and lands. As Kochi is the business capital of Kerala, it holds vast and wide opportunity for real estate expansion and growing economic progress. This process is therefore helping in the immense development and growth opportunities of real estate business in Kochi. The real estate market in Kochi is expanding fast with a boom of upcoming modern trendy apartments and flats, both luxury and simple, in Kochi.

Real Estate business in Kochi has thus become a striking asset. There are many ready to occupy apartments, luxury flats, bungalows, villas etc. in Kochi. The number of people from Kerala settled in foreign countries is really enormous, so the real estate in Kerala will always be the subject of NRI interest. By the extensive investments made by the NRI’s many housing projects have been budding up and thus raising the style of quality and luxurious living.

Huge multinational companies and IT parks that have been set up in the city have been helping in the rapid hike of Kochi’s commercial sector. Investments in Kochi are arising due to the fact that major IT industries such as Smart City, Info Park in Kochi will be sharing a huge part of employments across Kerala in near future. Huge numbers of employees are settling in Kochi and this might be a reason why the real estate business in Kochi is thriving as ever before. The rise in the IT professionals in the city of Kochi increased the demand for quality as well as stylish flats, apartments and villas in every part of Cochin.

Many real estate developers are now engaging in modern projects that would furnish to the growing requirements of the city. Builders in Kerala are also well known for traditional residential building practices. Panampilly Nagar, Kadavantra, Edappally, Kakkanad, Aluva are some of the major hotspots of real estate business. These places have and are undergoing stunning makeovers with a multitude of residential projects being initiated. There are fairly many economical or affordable flats in and around the city of Cochin. And this has made the real estate business to flourish on its own in this busy city.

Arun David